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Convert. Grow. DOMINATE

You’re not just starting out in private practice…

But you’re not where you want to be either…

You want more leads… better leads,
more profitable campaigns,
more predictable marketing and sales funnels,
and yes –
more cash.

You’re in the right place.
Because you’re already positioned for significant growth, our AMPlify membership will
fortify your efforts, leverage your existing success and amplify your results.

We can start now.
With AMPlify, you’ll still get the critical sales logic and systematic client acquisition trainings rAMP up members receive — because we have no tolerance for leads paid for but never converted.
But you’re too busy to re-invent the wheel… especially when you could literally have the entire client
acquisition process delivered to your door.

The unreasonable value inherent in this mid-level membership option is found in our proven, plug and play campaigns designed to fully equip you and your team to create rapid growth, increase cash flow and streamline your efforts.

Like all AMP members, you’ll gain access to training, systems, and strategies that:

  • Reveal where and why your leads are slipping through the cracks, and what to do about it;
  • Teach the skills and processes CRITICAL to moving each and every lead through a proprietary
    and finely choreographed process — with unprecedented results –
    nudging each lead swiftly from the internet, to the phone, to your door, and finally — to the bank.
  • Shift your perspective about client acquisition– and that of your team, if you have one –
    in ways that will change the trajectory of your law firm in record time.


But, that’s what everyone gets from AMP. After the initial two weeks of concise, compelling client acquisition training — revealing the psychology, logic and even predictable pathology behind why so many leads are lost before you can convert them — as an AMPlify member, you’ll have immediate access to:

AMP’s extensive private library of templates, phone scripts,
marketing campaigns, emails, letters, everything.

This library is so much more than a blueprint or binder of marketing strategies.
With your AMPlify membership, you’ll gain access to full marketing sequences — giving you, in remarkable detail — plug-and -play campaigns you can implement immediately for predictable results.

Each sequence — custom created for your specific field of law — not only tells you what to do, and (exactly) how to do it — but also coaches you through the logic behind the sequence, what to expect, how to prioritize your campaigns, exactly what to say or send out and even a timeline to guide your expectations.

And, that’s for each sequence. There are many. As an incomplete overview, we’ve got templates and full marketing sequences for the following situations:

  • Prospects that request information and then disappear;
  • Prospects that set appointments but don’t show;
  • Prospects that show up but don’t retain your services;
  • Clients that don’t follow through with necessary documentation, after retaining your services;
  • Clients on the cusp of being closed out for non-payment;

and much more!


Imagine equipping your firm with all of the benefits of a world class marketing division, without having to pay to bring on a marketing director.
No more guess work. No more reinventing the wheel. No more leads falling through the cracks.
Consider the time (and frustration) you’ll save when you’re no longer approving emails and phone calls to prospects and clients — because your team members have this done-for-you, continually updated library of scripts, emails and full marketing sequences to rely on.

There is no other place you can gain access to this comprehensive, on-demand, and
constantly evolving library of proven marketing, sales and practice management tools, templates and sequences — customized to your specific legal field.

And, even though these done-for-you campaigns will save you time and money while converting more leads than you would even think is reasonable to hope for, the secret behind the success AMP has had with countless other legal practices isn’t in the templates or sequences themselves.

The secret is in the logic behind each template, each sequence, each step in the campaign: teaching you and your team how to choreograph your sales funnel as a precise fit for your specific target market, so that your leads are nudged closer to you with each and every interaction.
No snake oil.
No additional certification.
No wild marketing ploy that leaves you embarrassed in front of your peers.
Just solid sales logic and consumer psychology applied directly to your goal of growing your cash flow — strategically, consistently and impressively.

All for far less than you’d pay for an ideal parking spot in the city, a plane ticket to your next conference or your golf membership.

For just $247 per month, we go way beyond the “what to do” to give you the how to do it, when to do it and in what order to do it… giving you everything you need to implement every facet of the proven client acquisition campaigns we’re customizing, creating and tweaking every month. As an AMPlify member, your firm will be gain immediate and profitable access to:

  • AMP’s core video training: 10 short videos delivered over 14 days that will forever change how you buy leads, follow up with them, schedule them and more.
  • An ongoing monthly newsletter giving you additional strategies you and your team (if you have one) can use to milk your sales funnel for more clients, revenue and referrals; and
  • Access to the rAMP up membership forum where you can get all of our trainings (created and customized constantly — in real time, based on the opportunities and obstacles of AMP’s
    to help you convert more leads, grow cash flow and DOMINATE your market.
  • A full library of proprietary and highly customized client acquisition campaigns refined every month based on their performance, so that your office becomes a highly efficient marketing conversion machine.


The AMPlify membership can probably best be compared to hiring an effective Marketing Director, who is coached by the best of the best in attorney marketing, and comes to your firm equipped with the best strategies, sequences, and templates the legal field has to offer. But for $247 a month, and without any concern for medical or dental benefits or days off.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll gain measurable value in just the initial two weeks of your membership — before the doors of AMP’s full membership site are even open to you — that we’re fully guaranteeing your investment.

So, join today. Take full advantage of the initial 10-part video training delivered in the initial two weeks of your membership. Put what you learn to the test… in the real world of your office. If at any time during those first two weeks you feel like you’re not getting training that you’d be afraid for your competitors to find, just let us know and we’ll refund your initial investment. No questions asked.

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