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About Tiffany & AMP

AMP Attorney Consulting, LLC (AMP) is a unique consulting firm serving attorneys with varying specialties, helping them increase lead conversion rates, operate more efficiently and GROW THEIR PRACTICES.

AMP, as in “AMP up your marketing, sales, income and reputation” has a singular focus:  Making your firm more profitable through developing better lead conversion processes and finely-tuned marketing and sales choreography to meet your specific goals.

But the most profitable benefit to becoming an AMP member is the hands-on training members get from Founder Tiffany Poole.  Before launching AMP, Tiffany managed client development and firm growth for the largest Bankruptcy Firm in Texas for 6 years. When she started with the firm, they filed a respectable 10-15 cases per month. When she left, they were filing 350 cases per month.

Now AMP members can have access to something previously reserved only for Tiffany’s top-paying private clients: her real-world, right-now expertise and the exact NLP infused processes (NLPstands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of modeling human behavior) that she’s built to CONVERT leads to appointments, and then appointments to paying clients at the highest rate possible.  

AMP also delivers comprehensive DONE-FOR-YOU drip campaigns customized for your firm…  Campaigns customized to pull the emotional triggers of your prospects and convert them into paying clients.


Tiffany’s work – particularly as it pertains to buying behavior —  and her masterful sales choreography has led to an increase in case filings for every single one of the attorneys working with AMP.  Your firm will be no different, because AMP equips attorneys to collect the money most firms are simply leaving on the table due to poorly orchestrated lead conversion and client development processes.  Get the AMP advantage for your own firm now! 

Your Attorney Sales Funnel Audit

Discover Why Your Practice Isn't rAMPing Up as it Should; and (Exactly) What To Do About It.

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