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Convert. Grow. DOMINATE

Attorney Market DOMINATION.

You have to admit the phrase has a certain ring to it.

For most attorneys, total market domination is far better as a phrase than a mission statement…. exciting in theory, but daunting in real life. AMP’s emphatic commitment to candor demands we expose what it really takes to DOMINATE your market, niche or geographic area:


an almost heretical rejection of industry-wide marketing and management norms; and a take-no-prisoners approach to consistent implementation.

If you haven’t closed your web browser yet, you just may have found THE place to connect with a (very) small group of your true legal peers. Our most intensive membership option (appropriately titled, DOMINATE.) is perfect for the attorney determined to leave no client unconverted and no competitor un-phased.

Yep. Deep down, you WANT your competitors to look at what you’re doing, and dread the impact it’s inevitably going to have on their law firm. This isn’t because you’re a jerk. It’s because you’re driven beyond the idea of competing with your best self. You want real competitors, and enjoy out-earning, out-selling, and out-litigating them. Some attorneys compete only in the courtroom. You compete everywhere.

We get it.
Through small group strategy sessions, individual hot seat trainings and more, this mastermind level program delivers everything you need to fully exploit the potential of your practice and market.

As a DOMINATE member, in addition to all of the benefits of rAMP up and AMPlify memberships, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Tiffany to aggressively scale your efforts, close out your competition, and gain an unfair advantage so you can DOMINATE your market.

Each month, you’ll meet twice with Tiffany and a very small group of like-minded attorneys (whose drive to DOMINATE mirrors your own) for a group strategy session that will equip you to go further and faster than you’ve been able to go previously. During each call, Tiffany will guide this small group in the same way she guides her private clients… with actionable logic, step-by-step solutions, and an unapologetic focus on your results….

…but with a much less hefty financial investment.

As a DOMINATE member, you’ll still receive all of the bottom-line building benefits of the other AMP memberships:

  • AMP’s core video training on client acquisition: 10 short videos delivered over 14 days that will forever change how you buy leads, follow up with them, schedule them and more.
  • An ongoing monthly newsletter giving you additional strategies you and your team can use to milk your sales funnel for more clients, revenue and referrals; and
  • Access to the rAMP up membership forum where you can get all of our trainings (created and customized constantly — in real time, based on the opportunities and obstacles of AMP’s members) to help you convert more leads, grow cash flow and DOMINATE your market.
  • A full library of proprietary and highly customized client acquisition campaigns refined every month based on their performance, so that your office becomes a highly efficient marketing conversion machine.

PLUS — for a monthly fee of only $697, you’ll receive:

  • Tiffany’s hands-on focus on your firm. Twice a year, each DOMINATE member will be able to have Tiffany work on your practice through DOMINATE’s hot seat option. You pose the problem, opportunity, or obstacle that — if solved or leveraged — would catapult your business far beyond where you are now. And Tiffany goes to work. Strategizing on behalf of your firm. (This individualized focus is something Tiffany’s private clients cheerfully pay anywhere from $3k – $9K a month to access!)
  • Mastermind-level support, strategy and accountability through twice-monthly group meetings. This is where your practice gains altitude above any and all possible competitors. Twice monthly, you’ll join forces with the most driven attorneys in the country and learn to embrace and implement the nuances, deliberate shifts in perspective and small tweaks in strategy that will keep you firmly at the top of your game.


This is a closed small, geographically-restricted group, and will fill quickly. If you’d like to be considered for membership at this level, contact us at info@attorneymarketpower.com

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