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Wasting Money On Leads that Never Convert? Preparing for First Appointments with Prospects that Don’t Show? And Calling Leads that Quickly Disappear?

r(AMP) up to Convert More Leads and Make More Money.



dollar_currencyAMP’s core membership level has been designed for the solo-attorney who’s ready to rAMP up their practice and their income, delivering critical sales logic and systematic campaigns that will forever change the trajectory of your firm. While most attorneys perfect for this level of membership begin thinking they just need to get more leads, rAMP up will deliver something far more profitable: where and why your leads are slipping through the cracks, and what to do about it, so you convert more of the leads you have and squeeze more revenue out of each.

Here’s the deal. You can buy leads or generate them yourself, but the more you know about converting leads, the more money you’ll make and the less money you’ll waste. It’s that simple.

WARNING: While knowing exactly what to do and say (and when) in order to convert leads into clients isn’t rocket science, it’s not child’s play either.

head_keyThere’s some psychology, logic and even some predictable pathology behind why a client would ask to be contacted by an attorney today and then miraculously disappear by the same time tomorrow. Or set an appointment and not show up. It’s not you, but there is something you can do about it.

Learn the skills and processes critical to moving a prospect away from this elusive information-seeking mode and into decisive action and you’ve mastered Attorney Marketing 101. (And seen an impressive leap in your practice revenue to boot!) Implement this consistently and tweak constantly for better results, and you’ve got yourself a thriving practice.

arrow_blackThis is exactly what you’ll be able to do with the rAMP up membership. AMP’s Founder spent years growing law firms by teaching attorneys just like you how to take each and every lead through a finely choreographed process — with unprecedented results. Nudging each lead from the internet, to the phone, to your door, and finally — to the bank.

As a rAMP up member, you’ll gain immediate access into the world of wildly successful attorneys beginning with a series of videos that walk you through every phase of getting a lead on the phone and to your door. This 10-part video training is concise, because your time is valuable. And it lays a powerful foundation for the rest of what you’ll receive — regularly — as a rAMP up member:

  • Videos, trainings and templates that teach you how to work each lead and fully monetize your sales funnel;
  • Clear direction on how and when and what to automate through the use of technology;
  • Specific strategies, like exactly what to say when leaving a message for a prospect; and most importantly;
  • Ongoing monthly content, campaigns and logical strategies that you can implement — starting now — to consistently convert more leads and make more money.

The secret behind the success AMP has had with countless other legal practices isn’t some glossy print ad or suave search engine optimizer… not that there’s anything wrong with either. The secret is in the logic: learning how to choreograph your sales funnel as a precise fit for your specific target market, so that your leads are nudged closer to you with each and every interaction.
No snake oil.
No additional certification.
No wild marketing ploy that leaves you embarrassed in front of your peers.
Just solid, strategic logic and consumer psychology applied directly to your primary goal in client acquisition:
converting leads into clients.

All for (far) less than you’ll spend on your next suit.

In addition to more leads converted and more checks cashed, rAMP up members will receive:

  • AMP’s core video training: 10 short videos delivered over 14 days that will forever change how you buy leads, follow up with them, schedule them and more.
  • An ongoing monthly newsletter giving you additional strategies you and your team (if you have one) can use to milk your sales funnel for more clients, revenue and referrals; and
  • Access to the rAMP up membership forum where you can get all of our trainings (created and customized constantly — in real time, based on the opportunities and obstacles of AMP’s members) to help you convert more leads, grow cash flow and DOMINATE your market.

Essentially, rAMP up membership brings you — month after month — a practice development program proven to help you quickly begin converting more leads and making more money. rAMP up delivers client acquisition strategies and actionable sales logic that will set your practice apart from others, not only in revenue, but in perceived value to your target market.

With AMP’s help, you’ll close more leads, but also help more people, and be viewed as a coveted solution for your clients — not a slick salesman

Determined never to be confused with the plethora of attorney marketing sites offering information to the masses for free, AMP doesn’t stop at just giving you marketing information. Because you can get that anywhere.

For just $99 a month, we go way beyond the “what to do” to give you the how to do it, when to do it and in what order to do it… giving you everything you need to implement every facet of the client acquisition campaigns we’re customizing, creating and tweaking every month.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll gain such value in just the initial two weeks of your membership — before the doors of AMP’s full membership site are even open to you — that we’re fully guaranteeing your investment.

So, join today. Take full advantage of the initial 10-part video training delivered in the initial two weeks of your membership. Put what you learn to the test… in the real world of your office. If at any time during those first two weeks you feel like you’re not getting training that you’d be afraid for your competitors to find, just let us know and we’ll refund your initial investment. No questions asked.

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