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“β€œIt’s no coincidence that Tiffany’s clients are among the most successful attorneys across the US. Word travels quickly when you make the kind of business and life impact that her deliberately designed AMP programs do.””


photo_scottsagariaOur firm has worked with Tiffany for just about a year now. Our firm has 8 offices and has 9 attorneys. At the time we started working with Tiffany, we were signing around 150 clients a month. That now has more than doubled on approximately the same or less advertising budget, all while filings are down in my jurisdiction by 20 percent!

The difference is that Tiffany is not selling gimmicks, tricks or what most other consultants try to sell you rather. Rather she is giving you the tools to work with your clients, and speak to them in a way that is effective and gets them inspired to make changes in their life. Tiffany has become part of the team at our firm, and her approachable yet no non sense style has worked well with my staff, especially the attorneys.

I would whole heartedly endorse her service unless you work in my jurisdiction! She has changed the life of my team, my clients and most of all myself!

Scott Sagaria, Sagaria Law PC

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