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How to manage messages like this from Leads


AMP Client Q:

How do we handle it when we get emails or messages like this from our leads?

“Please stop calling and emailing me.  Its everyday!”


Stay the course and keep doing what you’re doing.  You’re doing it right!  In the meantime, you can send your prospect the following message (tweaked to fit your field of law) …

“I apologize if we’ve crossed a line and the frequency of our communication has become an annoyance.  We will stop!

But I do want to explain the reason for it.  It’s not about being hardcore sales people.  What we’ve discovered after working with thousands of people in financial crisis is that they tend to sit with the problem for a long time before finally deciding that enough is enough.  When someone reaches out to us, we’ve found that that’s usually their “moment” when they’ve decided to finally make a change.  That time frame between their request for information and us speaking with that person on the phone is critical.  Any number of things (busy life, emergencies at home, anything at all) can cause the person in crisis to lose momentum and place this issue on the back burner (where its already been for too long). So, we do everything we can to help them keep move in the right direction, toward the life they want to be living.

The sooner they talk to us, the sooner things start to change.  And most of our clients report that they wish they’d gotten in touch sooner.

But, again, we get it and sincerely apologize for trying to reach you so often.  We’ll be here to help you get a fresh start when you’re ready!”

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