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Why Not Filter Leads At the Appointment Setting Stage


This is the exact email I received from a private client inquiring about why his team shouldn’t filter leads before the lead came in for an appointment — and my exact, unedited response — originally sent from my iPhone.

From Client:
Not complaining just asking.

Just saw person where the only debt is 230,000 in back child support. He is 61 and living on SS Disability. Nothing I can do. He says he told Robert what the issue was and was told to come in anyway.

I have seen some notes where my assistant will indicate he took 15 minutes to talk IC in the door but they have 1,500 in total debt. I have seen people who flat out tell me they told him their issue and it was not anything we could deal with and he got them to come in anyway.

So I am paying for him to waste his time and paying him bonus on the appt that shows that I cannot help and filling the attorney calendars with useless IC appointments.

Is there no way for him to just ask about if they have any debt or what kind of debt and say weed out the really easy ones.

With that said I have complete faith in you and if you tell me this is the way to do it and just deal with then I will.

My candid response:
Let me say this is a day ole dilemma or whatever that saying is!

What I’ve found is that yes, annoyance factor is there when your calendar and time is spent with an IC you can not help. And then to pay out a bonus on it and have RDE time spent on it.


More money is lost when we have an RDE level employee (no personal hit on RDE I’m speaking of the position in general) filtering in anyway. Quickly they start filtering out what they should not for 2 reasons:

1 fear of back lash for setting something that was a ” waste of your time”

2 it’s an easy excuse for poor lead conversion. “Why aren’t we converting leads to people waking through the door ( today, this week, etc)?” RDE. : “They are all DNQs, not enough debt, not the right debt, etc”

It IS important that when these ICs do come in we give them some (free) help or direction to better their situation so they feel like they got something and so they refer people we can help and so that when their low or wrong type of debt increases to something we can help they remember us. This will help reduce their annoyance and help us make money down the road.

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